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Why is it So Hard to Get Approved for Social Security Disability?

Applying for Social Security Disability income can be a frustrating experience, especially when you are reliant upon this income to provide you with money to live on when you have a medical condition that prevents you from working.

Not only is the application process lengthy and cumbersome, but it is also very likely your application will be denied -- at least initially. A Los Angeles disability benefits lawyer can provide you with help fighting for benefits if you face a denial, so contact an attorney ASAP if your claim for benefits is not approved. 

​Why is it so Hard to Get Approved for Social Security Disability Benefits

​Getting approved for Social Security Disability benefits is a major challenge because more than half of all initial applications are denied. 

The Social Security Administration denies a substantial number of applications for a few different reasons. 

One issue is that the SSA wants to ensure that only truly disabled people who can't work get benefits. As a result, the definition of disabled for purposes of qualifying for benefits is very strict and very narrow. If you do not meet the SSA's definition of disabled, you will be unable to receive benefits. 

Another issue is that the SSA wants to ensure that it can fight fraud effectively and that no inappropriate applications are approved. As a result, there is a substantial amount of documentation required to prove you are entitled to benefits. If you do not provide enough details to the SSA, your claim for benefits will be denied.

A Los Angeles disability benefits attorney can help you to make sure you maximize the chances of getting your claim approved by submitting a comprehensive and detailed application showing you have a covered disability. Contact an attorney today to learn more. 

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