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Should I apply for SSDI or Workers’ Comp Disability?

​If you cannot work because of an illness or an injury and you need compensation from a disability benefits program, you may need to decide which program to apply for. In particular, you may want to choose between applying for Social Security Disability and applying for workers' compensation disability benefits. 

A Los Angeles disability benefits attorney can help you to understand these programs and can assist you in submitting benefits applications to maximize the chances of being approved for the full amount of disability benefits you are entitled to given the nature of your impairment. 

​Should You Apply for SSDI or Workers' Comp Disability?

​Workers' comp disability and Social Security Disability Insurance have different rules and requirements, so deciding which you should apply for will depend upon how the regulations for each program address your situation. 

Workers' comp disability is a good option if you need to get disability income right away, while Social Security Disability benefits are more restricted in terms of when and under what circumstances they kick in.  SSD benefits can take a long time to get approved for, they have a high denial rate, and they are available only if you won't be able to work for a year or longer or if your condition is likely to be fatal.  However SSDI benefits are available regardless of whether your injury happened at work while workers' compensation disability benefits are provided only if you suffered a work-related injury.  

In some cases, it is possible for you to get both Social Security disability benefits and workers' compensation benefits, so you should talk with a Los Angeles disability lawyer about whether this option is open to you. An experienced attorney can help you to find ways to maximize the benefits you receive so you can have the largest income possible while a disability prevents you from working. 

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