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Setting up a plan for work while on disability

Setting up a plan for work while on disability

If you are a disability beneficiary and want to go back to work, the SSA has a special 'Plan' for you. You can avail the Social Security Administration's work incentives, such as PASS or the 'Ticket to Work' program.

Ticket to Work plan

The ticket to work plan will let you work for a limited income from work earnings. During this period, you can receive incentives such as:

  • Free vocational rehabilitation;
  • Training;
  • Job referrals; and
  • Other employment support;
  • Child support;
  • Caretaker support;

Additionally, you won't need to undergo periodical medical reviews as in other cases while you undergo timely progress pursuing your work goals through the free 'ticket to work', TOW.

Plan for work while on disability

The plan should not only be in writing, but also be reported to the Social Security Administration for approval.

You will need to fill out an SSA Form 545 and plan accordingly.

Here are some important points to consider while planning for your work:

  • 1.Work Goal:

Think of this as a permission statement you would give to your parent for pursuing a particular career. For instance, you may want to work as rehabilitation counselor. You would need some sort of trainings and assessment test from your doctors to let you know if you can pursue that goal. So it is important that you think and jot down your work goals clearly.

  • 2.Steps to reach the Goal:

This follows naturally in setting up a goal. You should brainstorm all of the ways you could reach your work goal. Also you should indicated all of these points in a digestible manner in your Form 545 for the SSA.

  • 3.List down items and services:

You may need some extra assistance to pursue your work goals, such as a wheelchair, private transit, caretakers etc. Also you may need some counseling services or training to help you get your job. For instance, you may need to earn a cooking diploma to work as a cook. It is imperative that you list all of these items and services in your goal plan.

  • 4.Cost estimates:

It is possible that there are many variants of the items and services you listed down in your goal plan. The SSA would look forward to sponsoring items and services that are priced average or affordable. Your failing to list the variants in affordable prices may let towards cancellation from the SSA. For instance, a wheelchair may come in all shapes and styles, including manual and electronic, automatic etc. The prices of the wheelchair may also vary from each manufacturer to a brand. It is imperative that you list down a normal priced item for quick approval from the SSA.

If you need help in filling out form 545 or writing your plan, you may contact a social security attorney for assistance.

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