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How Chronic Liver Disease Can Qualify for SSDI Benefits in 2022

How Chronic Liver Disease Can Qualify for SSDI Benefits in 2022

Patients with chronic liver disease can also apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits if they meet all the requirements to be eligible for SSDI benefits.

Social Security Administration (SSA) Medical Listing 5.05 describes chronic liver disease.

SSA evaluates the severity and duration of the disease with prescribed medication with the application form.

Chronic Liver Disease

It is a medical condition that affects the liver for more than 12 months. It causes the formation of proteins, clotting factors, dangerous products for metabolism, and the excretion of bile.

Chronic liver disease further leads to liver cell necrosis, scarring (fibrosis or cirrhosis), or inflammation.

Disability Payment With Liver Disease

Two disabled monthly programs help you in determining the amount of disability payment you will receive. People can get retirement and disability benefits annually along with survivor benefits for families.

Liver Disease Disability Claims Approval

If the people who are diagnosed with any kind of liver disease get a disability claim approval from Social Security Administration (SSA), they will start being paid by disability benefits after 6 months of disability date.

Social Security Benefits Qualifications for Chronic Liver Disease

Applicants who are claiming Social Security benefits for liver disease can qualify by two methods: 1- Successfully meet Bluebook requirements.

2- Provide complete documents of the medical history of the disease. Documents must say that the person is unable to work from the previous six month.

Liver disease patients who drink alcohol, automatically denied for their application approval from SSA. In this case, people can take help from disability lawyers.

Conditions of Chronic Liver Disease That Medically Qualify for SSDI

Here are following conditions that automatically qualifies you for SSDI benefits:

  • ●End-stage liver disease.
  • ●Chronic Liver disease that lasts for 6 months and longer with following illness:
  • 1.Fluid retention in the stomach.
  • 2.Bacterial infection in stomach cavity.

  • 3.Stomach or esophagus bleeding.
  • 4.Kidney issues.
  • 5.Breathing complications.
  • 6.Encephalopathy.
  • 7.Liver transplant surgery.
  • 8.Liver Cancer.
Documents Needed to Win Your Liver Cirrhosis Disability Claim

Social Security application need the following documentation. 1- Diagnosis report from physician.

  • 2-Blood tests, liver function tests including ALT and AST, INR and blood platelets, creatinine, bilirubin, as well as other related blood work.
  • 3-X-rays, MRIs, ultrasounds or other images that may confirm the size of your liver, fatty deposition, or the presence of any accumulating fluid.
  • 4-Liver biopsy results. 5- Surgical results.

6- Symptoms and illness report from your physician.

Application Claim Help

Patient with liver disease may have disrupt concentration or cognitive thinking, due to which they find difficulty in applying for disability benefits. In such a case, an attorney can help you throughout the process. They can make your residual functional capacity (RFC) and compile your documents. An advocate of disability program can also helps in appealing SSA's decision.

People can submit an online application form at their official website. Individuals having difficulty in online sites can also visit their local office during their work hours and also make a phone call to our professional disability lawyers at the Law Office of Irene Ruzin.

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