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How Can You Show How Severely You’re Disabled?

Proving that you are sufficiently disabled to qualify for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits can be extremely difficult. The Social Security Disability system is set up to ensure no fraudulent claims end up with recipients being paid so it is notoriously difficult to show you are deserving of benefits. Many applications for benefits also end up denied. 

Because it is so challenging to prove you are entitled to disability income, you should strongly consider getting help from a Los Angeles disability benefits attorney. Your attorney can help you to put together a compelling case to show the severity of your disability so you will maximize the chances that your claim for benefits will be approved.

How to Show That You Are Severely Disabled

The best way to show you are severely disabled is to have medical records to prove it. You will need to submit detailed documentation to the Social Security Administration and allow your doctor to release records of your diagnosis and your treatment in order to show the SSA that you are deserving of benefits. 

If your medical documentation is not convincing, you could end up having your benefits claim denied. After an initial phase of appeals in which your paperwork is reviewed again by a different disability claims examiner, you will be able to schedule a hearing to provide proof of your disability. At this hearing you can present additional evidence, including expert witnesses, to show how your disabling condition impacts your life and ability to work.

A Los Angeles disability benefits attorney will help you to submit your initial documentation to maximize the chances of approval of your claim and will assist with the appeals process. Contact an attorney today to find out more. 

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