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Would I be able to return to work if I become better after a few years of disability on SSDI

Returning to work after the Trial Work Period
Going to a long vacation, taking off from work may be most people's ideal lifestyles. But it becomes a burden when you can't go to work due to a mild or severe disability. Work gives you a purpose, a direction of something to look forward to and do your contribution to the society. But what if you had a disability in the past which limited your abi...
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Can you go to work while receiving social security disability?

Can I go to work while on SSDI?
Many recipients of social security disability, SSDI are hesitant to go back to work or start any form of small business or activity to earn a little income doing work they can despite the disability. Many people have contacted our lawyers that they fear their social security checks might be in jeopardy if they do work. But that is not the case. The...
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