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How Strict is the Social Security Administration When Applying for Benefits?

When you apply for Social Security Disability benefits, you need to make certain that the application you submit is comprehensive, detailed, and includes the information that is necessary to help you get benefits. Submitting a perfect application is important because the Social Security Administration is very strict about which benefits applications it approves.

A Los Angeles disability benefits lawyer can provide you with help completing a comprehensive application and can providing the information the Social Security Administration expects to see in order to approve a benefits claim. Contact an attorney as soon as possible to maximize the chances you'll be able to receive benefits.

How Strict is the Social Security Administration About Approving Benefits Claims? 

​Many people who are disabled are dismayed to find out how difficult it is to get benefits approved due to the stringent requirements put in place by the Social Security Administration.

Although disability benefits are meant to help those who cannot work, more than half of all initial claims for benefits are denied. This forces many people with serious physical or mental conditions to go through a complicated appeals process in order to get benefits -- and some never get their claims approved at all. 

The Social Security Administration is very strict about approving applications both because it wants to fight fraud and because it is attempting to make sure that only those who truly cannot work get benefits. That's why you need substantial proof you have a covered disability unless you want your claim to be rejected.

A Los Angeles disability benefits attorney will help you to make your case for why you are deserving of benefits from the Social Security Administration. Contact an attorney as soon as you determine you are disabled and need benefits to make certain that you have the best chance of getting your claim approved. 

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