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Can I Get Disability Benefits if I Never Worked?

If you are disabled, your condition may have prevented you from ever having a job. If this is the case, you may need to obtain disability benefits -- but may be unsure of what access to benefits you have since you do not have a work history. 

A Los Angeles Social Security Disability attorney can assist you in understanding what kinds of benefits you may be eligible for and can help you with the process of obtaining benefits. You should contact an experienced attorney for assistance early in the process so you do not waste time applying for a program that is not the right source of benefits for you. 

​Can You Get Disability Benefits if You Have Never Worked?

​There are two possible programs through which you could get disability benefits. The first, Supplemental Security Income, has no work-requirement but is means-tested. If you have few assets and a small income or no income, you should be eligible for SSI even if you have never worked, as long as your disability meets the Social Security Administration's requirements.
The other program through which you could get benefits, Social Security Disability Insurance, is generally not open to you unless you have earned work credits. However, SSDI could be available through a spouse's work record or a parent's work record, depending upon the circumstances.
Because SSDI typically provides more generous benefits than SSI, it's a good idea to talk with a Los Angeles disability benefits lawyer about your possible eligibility for benefits. Your attorney can not only assist you in determining what type of benefits you should apply for but can help you throughout the entirety of the application process to maximize your chances of your benefits claim being approved. 
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