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Are There Different Disabilities Covered for Kids Than Adults?

Social Security disability benefits lawyers in Los Angeles can help both adults and children to obtain Social Security Disability benefits if they are eligible to do so.  

It is important to understand the types of disabling conditions that can result in an adult or a child becoming eligible for disability benefits. There are differences in the kinds of disabilities that could potentially qualify a younger person versus an older person to get benefits so your best course of action is to talk to an attorney who can help you to determine the likelihood your condition will make you eligible. 

Differences Between Disabilities Covered for Adults vs. Children

Adults and children both will need to refer to the Social Security Blue Book, which is the informal name for the Listing of Impairments, in order to determine if a disabling condition will be covered.

However, Adult Disabilities are found in Part A and disabilities affecting children are found in Part B. While there is considerable overlap and many conditions would make both adults and children eligible to receive disability income, there are also important differences as well -- which can affect children who reach the age of 18 and who will need to apply for benefits based on having a disability covered in Part A.

A Los Angeles disability benefits lawyer can provide assistance in evaluating whether your condition -- or your child's condition -- is covered in the Blue Book. We can also help you to prove that your condition or your child's condition should be covered, so give us a call today for help. 

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