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What are the Chances I’ll Need Social Security Disability Benefits?

​The Social Security Disability benefits program is an important social safety net. Unfortunately, it is a program on which many people will come to rely. This is because the average 20-year-old has a one in four chance of becoming disabled prior to the end of his career according to Disability Can Happen.

If you become disabled and your condition stops you from being able to do your job, you need to make certain you get the right help from a legal professional to get the benefits you need. A Los Angeles disability benefits attorney can offer you guidance on understanding benefit options and applying for benefits. 

Chances You Will Need Disability Benefits

If you become disabled and can no longer work,  you will likely come to rely on Social Security Disability to provide the income you need to support yourself and your loved ones.

This is because private disability policies are not commonly purchased. Most people do not consider the possibility of becoming disabled and many who do cannot afford to buy private disability insurance or do not know how to shop for a policy on the open market. If you have no insurance coverage to provide income in the event of a disability and you cannot work any more, Social Security Disability will be your only choice. 

A Los Angeles disability benefits lawyer can provide help in claiming the vital benefits that you need when your medical condition makes work impossible. You should contact an experienced attorney as soon as disability affects your ability to earn a living so you can begin the process right away of getting the benefits you likely will come to rely on. 

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Monday, 13 July 2020