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Disability Benefits for Wounded Warriors

Disability Benefits for Wounded Warriors

Millions of US veterans have retired from active or passive duty from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars during the last two decades.

As with any other war, the statistics from Pew Research suggest, the number of disabled veterans has also escalated sharply. There are around 19 million US veterans this year, making up 10% of the US's adult population. Although all US service members are eligible for receiving the Veteran benefits, the Social Security Disability Insurance keeps a fast-tracking claims processing for both veterans and active service members. For Veteran benefits from Veteran Affairs, it takes from 12 months to 24 months to actually get it. However, for SSDI, veteran claimants could receive it much faster.

Wounded Warriors' SSDI

A wounded warrior is a veteran who served on or after October 1, 2001 and became disabled while on active duty. According to the SSA, it doesn't matter where your disability occurred or how i.e., it does not necessarily need be combat related. However, your disability must have occurred during the period of service.

The SSA's wounded warrior programme offers great benefits to US veterans, with fast-track processing that is rare in a program known for denials, delays and rejections.

Two Things Wounded Warriors Must Have to Earn SSDI

  • -You must be unable to carry out any form of substantial gainful activity (SGA);
  • -Your disability/impairment/condition must have lasted , or expected last for at least 12 months (1 year period), or death;
  • -Meet the eligibility criteria related to work history or income and financial asset;
  • -Your disability must have occurred during the on-duty period;

In 2021, the average SSDI payments receivable by all non-blind claimants, including wounded warriors is $1277 per month. For blind SSDI claimants, the amount for SSDI paychecks is $2190.

Does Military Pay Effect Your SSDI Benefits?

The SSA rules do not affect the SSDI payment process of giving benefits to claimants that are active duty or have a recent receipt of military pay. Henceforth, the receipt of military payments should never stop you from applying to the disability benefits from SSA's social security.

Note that unlike the Supplemental Security Income (SSI), the SSDI is purely a merit-based programme which evaluates the severity of your 'disability' in order to approve your disability benefits' application. So if you're undergoing treatment for your disability at a medical facility and working in a designated therapy program or on limited duty, the SSA will evaluate your work history to determine if you're eligible to receive benefits. That is, despite being a wounded warrior, you'll need to match the SSA' medical requirements listed in the Blue Book of SSA.

You can apply for disability benefits online, or contact our disability attorneys for legal help.

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