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Children living on SSDI. Can they get an education without losing disability benefits?

children living on ssdi benefits, can they get an education?

Children may become disabled and not be able to perform regular school work that a normal child could do, because of depression or anxiety due to their disability. The Social Security Administration uses three criteria to grant or continue disability benefits of your child regardless of whether or not they attend school. The social security disability, SSDI for a child is different from that of an adult, since a child could be granted SSDI or SSI benefits solely on his parents' earnings and the Trial Work Period, TWP doesn't apply to the child. Going to school won't affect your child's disability benefits as long as:

  • He/she was disabled before the age of 22

To be eligible for disability benefits, your child must be older than 18 and must have a qualifying disability that began before she turned 22

  • He/she is unmarried

If your child qualifies for social security disability, he or she can receive the benefits as long as he or she remains unmarried. However, if they get married the benefits will end unless they marry another disabled adult child

  • Low income disabled child

If your child is below 18 years of age and became disabled, then he or she may be eligible for SSI disability income provided that he/she qualifies under disability under the list of disability/impairments in the Blue Book set by the SSA.

The SSA will look at all sources of income including your child's , spouse's and any other source of income you may have. If your child is approved for the benefits, the SSA will keep on reviewing the disability status of your child to make sure that the child is still financially eligible and still has a disability.

Your child will then continue to receive benefits until he/she turns 19. Then the above point#1 and point#2 will apply to him/her. If your child is attending school or going to college, he/she will continue to receive benefits until graduation or until they turn 19 plus 2 months, whichever comes first.

With all said, qualifying for a child's disability under SSA can be a tiresome and complex process. Although you can apply for SSDI benefits online, you can consult or hire a Social Security Attorney at for specialized guidance.

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